CollegeSource Sees Increased Demand for Higher Ed Student Transfer

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Press releases

Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin Among States Using Transferology® to Help Students Identify Optimal Institutional Transfer Matches
SAN DIEGO, June 2, 2020 – CollegeSource, the higher education industry’s most trusted SaaS provider of transfer and degree achievement solutions, announced it is experiencing increased demand for its transfer credit evaluation and articulation solution – Transferology® – across statewide higher education systems.
By deploying CollegeSource’s Transferology across all public four-year and two-year higher education institutions, states such as Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin are helping students find and evaluate flexible and varied paths to earning degrees. Transferology enables these states and their respective institutions to equitably and efficiently deliver a transparent view of course-to-course transferability and highlight pre-established pathways between partner institutions.
“Managing higher education transfer is a national, border-agnostic challenge. Students are driven by both personal and academic reasons to transfer between institutions, and the paths they follow toward earning a degree are increasingly varied and complex,” said Troy Holaday, president, CollegeSource. “To realistically address their needs, CollegeSource designed Transferology as a robust, self-service tool that quickly provides students with preliminary answers and connects them with target institutions. The most savvy state systems approach transfer both strategically and proactively, with the motivation to prevent ‘brain drain’ and retain intellectual strength within their states.”
Minnesota State uses Transferology across all of their 30 colleges and 7 universities. By using Transferology, they’re able to empower institutions and staff to be more transparent with transfer evaluation for the 350,000 students they serve. They are able to offer a more streamlined approach to recruiting as well, by providing a clear picture of how prospective students will be able to earn and transfer credits within Minnesota State. This allows their students to build transfer into a relatively seamless academic plan and still graduate in a timely fashion.
Transferology is a cloud-based solution that helps answer the pervasive question from students, “Will my courses transfer?” It provides access to millions of course-to-course and program-to-program transfer equivalencies, assisting college advisors, students and parents in making educated decisions when transferring higher education credit. Students can enter coursework to confirm how credits transfer to each member institution. Staff can build bundles of coursework that represent common transfer scenarios and then reference them for advising or recruiting. Transferology is compatible with all student information systems, offers feedback on missing equivalencies and includes articulations for military occupations and courses, advanced placement courses, and college level exams. Annually, hundreds of institutions and hundreds of thousands of students use Transferology to empower more realistic and fluid educational experiences.
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CollegeSource is the higher education industry’s trusted SaaS provider of transfer and degree achievement solutions. For nearly 50 years, CollegeSource has led market-changing transformation by inventing and investing in technology solutions that aid the staff and students of higher education in their quest to plan and complete academic careers. As the archiver of the nation’s extensive higher education course catalogs, CollegeSource’s degree audit, academic planning, and transfer credit evaluation solutions are depended on by more than 2,000 institutions and millions of individuals worldwide. Founded and led by higher education and technology veterans, CollegeSource is a privately-held company based in San Diego with offices in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information, please visit


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