CollegeSource Training: Looking Forward & Back!

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Training

CollegeSource Training in 2015

Based on training usage and requests in 2014, we are offering more workshops, developing new training for more of our products, and expanding our training reach more broadly than ever.
We announced training workshop dates for 2015 a couple of months ago, but we’re adding (or considering adding) to our schedule based on your requests. Discounts for multiple workshops taken in the same year will remain in effect. 2015 dates include:

**We are considering adding a second Intermediate workshop during the April dates. If you think you or others from your institution would attend, please let us know soon by contacting [email protected].
Best Practice Guides
In January, 2015, we will post the Transfer Articulation Best Practice Guide alongside those for basic and intermediate encoding. These latter BP Guides will also be revised at that time so all information is up to date with what is taught in our workshops.
Encoding Tutorials
Also in 2015, Basic and Transfer Articulation Tutorials will not only continue to be offered free of charge, but they will also no longer require any registration or use of a third-party download! Our goal is to provide high-level overviews on encoding to every licensed client who needs it—at your convenience and not ours.
CollegeSource Certification
In 2015, we will launch a certification program to reward those encoders who have undertaken the necessary training and put in the hands-on experience required to become experts in the field! We will announce details shortly after the New Year and hope to be able to recognize and celebrate our “first class” of certified encoders at the 2015 User Conference & Training Workshop in Boston next summer.
Training Survey
It is time once again to evaluate our training offerings and make sure they are meeting your needs. We have been asked to create new training offerings for the entire suite of CollegeSource products as well as end-user training, so new development will be a priority in the coming year.
Watch your email inboxes and next month’s training article for a survey and please consider taking a few minutes to help us help you!

CollegeSource Training in Review: A Busy 2014!

Training numbers in 2014 were very high; you kept us busy in Cincinnati—and around the world! Last year, we conducted the following training:

  • Two Basic Encoding workshops, two Intermediate Encoding workshops, and one TA workshop in Cincinnati
  • Nine Basic workshops and one TA workshop at client sites all over the globe—including Hong Kong
  • Four online Basic Encoding workshops
  • 24 Basic and TA Tutorials
  • Our annual User Conference & Training Workshop in San Diego

Quotes from our trainees over the past year included the following:

  •  “The training was excellent. It was great to experience the training in a classroom setting and to have the opportunity to ask questions. This was an ideal way to learn.”
  • “It was very helpful and informative. I want to come back for Intermediate training.”
  • “I thought the trainers and presentations were clear and the pace was well done. Trainers really helped answer student questions and were enthusiastic about material. Really well done.”
  • “Great communication, not delivered technically, used every day language and examples. I had many light bulb moments.”
  • “I thought this workshop was very informative. The presenters were very knowledgeable and patient with all the questions that were asked. Very friendly and supportive overall.”

As we finish out 2014, we wish each of you a very happy holiday season and look forward to learning together with you throughout 2015!