The Course List Report in TES Has a New Index

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Product announcements, Training

No more scrolling!

A Course List Report can be used to meet a variety of purposes. When advising potential transfer students, for example, a Course List Report can be produced to show them their transfer course award. A Course List Report can serve as a planning document for a new Transfer Articulation Agreement. They can be used to select several courses from a potential feeder to determine their transferability. Any report that you can think of that could be represented by a list of selected courses, especially with the respective equivalent courses at your institution, would be a good candidate for a Course List Report.
The Course List Report now has pagination and an alphabetical index.
There is no limit to the number of course list reports an institution can have in TES®. That’s good news, but it can lead to very long report lists! The Course List Report now has pagination and an alphabetical index above the list to facilitate organizing the list and locating a specific report. Pagination also improves screen response time.
Big things are in store for TES in 2017! We are in the process of updating the background code to improve navigation and performance throughout the tool, including sortable headers on all columns for all tables, better workflow when working from lists, and much more. Don’t worry! The core TES experience, functionality, menus, and screen layouts will be almost identical to the way it is today, but the whole experience should be smoother. If you want a sneak peek, come to our annual conference!
For more information on course list reports check out the TES®: Reports recorded webinar video.


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