St. Catherine University credits Transferology for remarkable gains in time and efficiencies

Aug 5, 2022

When the Admissions and Transfer staff at St. Catherine University began evaluating products to streamline their transfer evaluation process, they wanted a solution that would not only benefit staff and students, but would also engage potential recruits by spotlighting their unique identity as a private Midwest Catholic university. Enter Transferology, the nationwide transfer network and recruitment tool.


Before Transferology

The Admissions and Transfer teams at St. Catherine faced a myriad of workflow challenges. Transfer evaluation requests from counselors and advisors were frequently made at random. Email requests often lacked important information, requiring further communication, followed by additional emails to notify counselors and advisors of completed evaluations. Unofficial degree evaluations were cumbersome and histories of evaluations weren’t being documented, so the team started from scratch at each request wasting valuable resources.

After Transferology

Since St. Catherine University began using Transferology in 2014, the team has realized significant improvement in time efficiencies. They now provide more unofficial evaluations in less time. Even if a student doesn’t apply right away, the unofficial evaluation is stored and can be updated and shared later. With the evaluation history all in one place, the overall turnaround time for evaluations is faster.


Reaching Recruits

Right place. Right time. Right technology.

Minnesota state schools were already using Transferology when St. Catherine joined, so their target market was already familiar with the product. St. Catherine had more than 50,000 equivalencies stored in TES®, the Transfer Evaluation System from CollegeSource, making Transferology a turnkey solution that allowed for a smooth and fast launch. As the first private school in the state to implement Transferology, St. Catherine experiences high visibility when students search for private schools in Minnesota.

St. Catherine now reaches a broad, national audience. The university offers online programs with clinicals in Texas, California, and Virginia, so St. Catherine continuously builds more nationwide equivalencies. They now have online programs for Business, Early Childhood Education, OTA, and RN to BSN Nursing. As they continue to add transfer evaluations, this national portal has become even more valuable.

“We see a noticeable improvement in time efficiencies. The features we use help streamline our processes. Since we are a smaller school with a limited staff, this is really important to us because now we can do more with less.”

– Lori Francisco, Former Transfer Projects Manager, St. Catherine University

St. Kate’s says…

See what staff have to say about Transferology features.



1. Recruitment

Give more with Course Bundles

“The Course Bundles tool is great for recruitment purposes and providing students with the info they need to choose St. Catherine. It is printed and scanned into our system, so the information is available when the student applies. If a student defers, we have the information stored in history and can simply add additional courses to it. So, there is no need to start from scratch. This has improved our process tremendously for pre-evaluations. Being able to share Course Bundles allows us the flexibility to be able to assign one counselor to create the bundle, while another counselor may actually be the one to have contact with the student.”

Promote your Transfer Pathways

“Transfer Pathways is a great addition. It allows counselors to see our Core Requirement Guides built for our largest feeder schools. They don’t have to go to our website to find them since they’re viewable in the Transferology Lab. And the Pathway is available to students in Transferology.”

2. Pre-Advising

Add prior coursework with ease

“[Students] can enter their courses and share with us so neither staff nor the student need to hassle with transcripts until they’re ready to apply. But – they can still get their courses evaluated. Another bonus is that we have a stored history of transfer courses equivalencies that can be used now or in the future.”

Quickly put EQs toward a program

“Our counselors use the Transfer Equivalencies list in tandem with our Program Planning worksheets to check off what a student has completed in an intended major. Then we provide a completion plan to the student. These lists make checking off the Program Planning Worksheets a breeze, and together they are helpful in recruitment by providing transparency and clarity to the transfer process by letting the student know exactly how their transfer credits will apply towards a program.”

3. TES Evaluation

Easily route courses to be evaluated with TES Mode

“The addition of TES Mode to initiate evaluations and track them has inspired us to have all of our counselors immersed in using Transferology because all the tools they need—transfer equivalencies, replacement courses, course bundles and lead tracking—are right there. The more they ‘live’ in it during the day, the greater time-saving benefits we will see.”

4. Retention

Help students find replacement courses

“The Replacement Course Tool has been very useful to us. It’s the most convenient way we have to help advise current students where they can complete a course elsewhere for transfer back to St. Catherine.”