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by | Sep 6, 2012 | Training

Web Titles can make requirements AND sub-requirements more readable in u.direct®
Web Title fields in u.achieve® can be used to give requirements and sub-requirements meaningful titles for display on u.direct Roadmaps. (The sub-requirement Web Title field is located in the alternate view on the Reference/Other tab.) Such entries become the default text, reducing the need for editing during the Roadmap-building process.

You can copy sub-requirements in DARwin/u.achieve®
To copy a sub-requirement from one requirement to another:
1. Open both the requirements you want to copy from and to.
2. Use your mouse to “grab” the sub-requirement to be copied from the requirement tree view.
3. Drag the copy to the tree view of its new requirement.
4. Drop the sub-requirement on top of the one you want to follow the copy.
To copy a sub-requirement within the same requirement:
1. Hold the Control key down while you click the sub-requirement to be copied in the requirement tree view.
2. Drag the sub-requirement to its new place in the tree view.
3. Drop the sub-requirement on top of the one you want to follow the copy
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