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by | Oct 16, 2012 | Training

honored in count-based sub-requirements in DARwin/u.achieve®AND’d course sets are only
This is in response to a question posed in last month’s webinar (ANDs, ORs, and Ranges, Oh, My!). The point was made that AND’d course sets are only honored (i.e., enforced) in a count-based sub-requirement.

Attendee’s question: What if there is a count requirement plus another requirement, such as hours?

Answer: To enforce an AND’d course set, a sub-requirement must use only a Required Count value, period. If any other requirement is encoded (e.g., Required Hours, Required GPA)—even if in addition to a Required Countvalue—the AND’d course set will not be honored. (A sub-requirement may appear to be honored depending on what a student has taken, but down the road you may start getting some unexpected results.)

If you missed it or want to review it, you can access the recorded webinar at the bottom of the page here.
You can give “view only” access to TES®
As an Administrator, you have the ability to set permissions in TES that allow staff to only research institution and course information, but not create or edit equivalencies. To give this limited “view only” access, add them as Users in TES and do not assign any User Rights. This provides the ability to view all institutional profiles, catalogs, course descriptions, and transcript keys without worry of inadvertent changes.
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