Finding Information on TES Enhancements

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Uncategorized

In the world of software many users are familiar with versioning. If you were to check your internet browser you would see something like “Version 62.03202.94” or “57.02.” This method of tracking updates is typical for products that are installed on a user’s systems. TES is a hosted product or one that doesn’t require anything to be installed. So, we like to use our version numbers to indicate the substantial changes, like the recent update to TES 4.0. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t updating TES in-between the versions. We currently have a list of about 80 user-submitted enhancement requests that are in consideration for development. They range from ideas like “being able to search by a CEEB or OPEID code when trying to locate a school” to the “ability to send automatic ‘reminder emails’ for evaluation tasks.”
TES Enhancements can be found in the Support Center
As we have time to add these enhancements, we will test them in a development environment and if everything is good we will push them into production as they are completed. This keeps our development environment and our production environment in sync. While this is good for us, some users might be thrown off when a new feature gets added. To help cut down on confusion we have added a new “Enhancements” section to our support site.
On this page, we will track and add any enhancements added to TES. In each article, we will provide detailed information regarding the changes that were made and how it could affect you. Currently, we have highlighted some of the enhancements that were included in TES 4.0. If you would like to see how TES 4.0 has affected the public view or want to know more about the cross-edition equivalency support, follow the links for more information. Keep in mind these articles will be referencing enhancements and not bug fixes.
If you have any enhancement ideas of your own, please feel to submit them for consideration by using the contact us form in TES.