New Reports for uAchieve in the Cloud Clients

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Product announcements, Training

If you have spent any time with us at our annual conference or a recent professional gathering, you have heard us talk about the many benefits of putting uAchieve in the cloud, including greater security, scalability, control, stability, and a lower carbon footprint. One benefit we haven’t talked much about is the incredible feedback you can experience with our new system activity reports.
Benefits of a degree audit in the cloud — uAchieve is now fully hosted!
When you migrate to the cloud with CollegeSource, not only do you get all of the  benefits named above, you also get far greater insight into your system. Once in the cloud, you’ll be able to see the number of users accessing the system, how they’re accessing the system, users’ sessions, time of day and the most popular pages. You’ll also have access to the number of audits run and the type of audit as well as the average speed of audits. If you’re using uAchieve Planner, you’ll get number of generated plans, published roadmaps, pending and approved plans as well as comments added by students and advisors. Utilizing our latest product Schedmule™ in the cloud, you’ll see information regarding how many schedules are generated by students, schedules registered, and courses added.
This information is monitored and gathered by us, and then sent weekly to our cloud clients in a simple and graphical one-page report (view an example report). The activity reports provide statistical comparisons to previous weeks so that you can see any ongoing or developing usage patterns. CollegeSource will also provide similar data over specific time periods like months, quarters or even years upon request.
For more information, check out the uAchieve in the Cloud FAQs on our support site.
The cloud is here. Are you ready to take the next step?