In the News: EagleApps, One Year Later

by | Feb 4, 2022 | In the news, News


EagleApps: A One-stop Shop in the Hands of Users

In December of 2020, Boston College of Massachusetts launched EagleApps, a groundbreaking platform created for students, faculty, and administrators with a “one-stop shopping” approach that integrates vital areas of support for student success. EagleApps is a home base for course and program management, registration, financial aid, advising, payments and billing, academic records management, and other critical functions. (Source: BC News)

CollegeSource is proud to have played a role in the EagleApps project with the integration of the uAchieve® Degree Audit as a streamlined way to track student progress toward degree completion and automatically determine equivalent credit and degree applicability of transfer coursework.

Ayman Rabi, Vice President of Services and Support at CollegeSource, says, “Boston College is yet another example of the growing and changing environment higher education institutions experiencing, and how adaptable CollegeSource products are to meeting their needs. Our number one goal is client success, and we are so happy to be a part of Boston College achieving their success.”

uAchieve Implementation in EagleApps

Through a collaborative effort with Boston College, CollegeSource created a customized integration of uAchieve with the new EagleApps platform. Vincent Turpin, a Lead Programmer Analyst at CollegeSource, notes that “the integration was similar to many of our uAchieve implementations in the sense that we have a highly configurable product and have gotten very used to working closely with our clients to tailor it to them. We have developed a product that is flexible so clients can maintain their best practices while still getting the most out of uAchieve.”

“Even so,” he says, “the Boston College implementation was unique in that we had to be very agile because the EagleApps platform was still under development, so specifications could, and did, change frequently.”

What resulted from these unique parameters? Turpin says, “This is how Boston College ended up being our first client using what’s called a REST API, which allows us to change the background data at any time while maintaining stable output. We have since simplified that model and are using it with many other clients. Additionally, we were able to capitalize on a good deal of technical experience with Boston College and a particularly great functional team. One of the best things about this project is that I think we learned so much from each other.”

With uAchieve integrated with EagleApps, degree audits are run electronically and saved to the student account on the app, saving the college thousands of printed audits that were once handed out as print-outs to every student. Additionally, beginning with Summer 2022 registration, clearance will be submitted electronically by advisors.

Hear from EagleApps Key Figures on the Project

To learn more about the EagleApps project, read the Boston College News article where two of the project’s key figures, ITS Director of Project, Planning & Portfolio Governance Denis Walsh and Student Services Information Systems Director Jennifer Mack, provide an update on the platform’s first year, and what’s to come next.

➡️ Read the article here.