In the News: The Root of the AI DEI Problem Isn’t Technical; It’s Human

by | Jun 14, 2022 | In the news

AI DEI Problem is Human

In this University Business article, Stan Novak, Senior Market Analyst and Interdepartmental Liaison at CollegeSource, warns against the temptation in higher education to prioritize artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions. This is especially important when addressing the widening equity gaps in a post-pandemic world, which faces the triple scarcities of under-enrollment, under-staffing, and under-funding. The diversity-equity-inclusion (DEI) problem—and its solution—is ultimately a human one. Endlessly tweaking the AI toolset to remove bias not only fails to address the problem at its source, but it generally does not give a good ROI. Overcommitment to AI drains resources from more traditional and direct solutions for inequity in transfer and completion outcomes, such as: increasing the advisor-to-student ratio, standardizing the creation of course-to-course equivalencies, and building a DEI-oriented culture among those who create and use those AI-powered tools—by conducting traditional diversity training.

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