Keeping Up with TES: Recent Product Enhancements

by | Apr 27, 2022 | News


Stay Up-to-Date on TES

The CollegeSource Annual Conference is back again this year—twice! We look forward to meeting with you in person in San Diego, June 27-30th, and virtually the following month, July 18-20th. One of the highlights of the conference is our annual session featuring what’s new in TES, the Transfer Evaluation System. Each year, we recap product enhancements and recent developments, and give predictions about where we hope to go in the future with the product along with live Q&A and feedback from the audience. If you’d like to learn the ins and outs of TES in a dedicated learning environment with fellow users from schools across the country, visit the conference website and register today.

Some highlights from last year’s annual conference include:

Updates to Usage Statistics

The Evaluation Tracker Use statistics were redesigned, providing you with deeper insight into how your institution is using this workflow. You can now see how many evaluations are being reassigned by or to a user and review the average and median turnaround times for closed evaluations.

What patterns could you see in your institution’s turnaround times if you tracked these each month?

TES General Use statistics were also updated with clearer labels, to help you better interpret each data point being captured. Additionally, institutions that use the Public View can now see how many times their site has been visited. No information is collected about individual users, however, to maintain privacy.

Course Finder: Title Keyword Capabilities

You can now use the EQ Search button to compare keywords from a transfer institution’s course to those in your course catalog. This is a quick way to identify potential equivalent courses. Once you’ve reviewed the search results and compared course details, you can create an equivalency or initiate an evaluation task right from the search results.

Exciting, New Developments

Product updates are being made on a continual basis. For example, did you know that you can now sort the results of a Course Tag Audit by whether your institution has established equivalencies to a school’s courses? Sorting by NO will give you a quick, easy way to determine what courses need review.

You don’t need to wait until the conference to start learning about new enhancements. Go to TES Support and click on Release Notes to read more. There are already 2022 TES Enhancements ready for you to preview!