Meet CollegeSource Certified uAchieve Transfer Articulation Encoder, Jennifer Robinson

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Community news, Training

Congratulations to Jennifer (Jenni) Robinson from Humboldt State University, our first CollegeSource Certified uAchieve Transfer Articulation Encoder for the 2017-2019 cycle!
uAchieve Transfer Articulation Encoder
Jenni has been the Assistant Registrar for Articulation, Evaluations & Graduation at Humboldt for the past year and prior to that worked as a transfer counselor for six years. She loves that her day-to-day routine is varied and never boring! She enjoys the flow of working with students and student workers, determining the most efficient way to update existing rules, and working with the degree audit encoder to figure out the best methods for passing information from transfer to the audit report.

“I genuinely enjoy the work, the people I work with, and I find it rewarding to help students
navigate the transfer process—it’s never boring, always something new to learn or a new
puzzle to solve.”

One particularly challenging aspect of Humboldt’s transfer population is that their main feeder school accounts for less than 12% of incoming transfers. The rest are from a wide variety of transfer schools across the country, largely attracted to Humboldt’s unique, nationally recognized nature programs in the sciences (Wildlife, Environmental Resources Engineering, Environmental Science & Management, etc.). Jenni and her staff strive to maintain robust and flexible articulations/equivalencies with many different institutions to ensure student success in transfer.
Humboldt used uAchieve to address these challenges by building a variety of specific and flexible TA rules that utilize wildcards, ranges, and alternate IDs. They have been using uAchieve for degree audit since 2003, for transfer credit since 2009, and recently implemented the uAchieve Planner. Additionally, they will go live with Transferology very soon.
Jenni earned her certification by attending a formal CollegeSource training workshop, backed by 8 years of on-the-job experience with CollegeSource software. She recognized it as an important step for her professional development:

“While I was very knowledgeable about TA processes at Humboldt and how to maintain those existing
processes, we were at a point where we needed to start making changes to our longstanding set-up
for new and upcoming projects. That saying ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know’ rang true for me.
Pursuing certification provided a formal recognition of this higher level of training and skill. The
certification was also helpful in communicating the complexity and level of training required to others
on campus.”

In her spare time, Jenni enjoys spending time with family, exploring the coast and Redwood forests with her dog, and all things sci-fi. Congratulations again, Jenni—welcome to the certified CollegeSource family!
CollegeSource Certification Programs
CollegeSource certification is a professional development opportunity for our most experienced and active community members. Certification is a great way to formalize your knowledge and experience, both for yourself and for those above you in your campus administration. We currently have three certifications available:

  • CollegeSource Certified uAchieve Degree Audit Encoder
  • CollegeSource Certified uAchieve Transfer Articulation Encoder
  • CollegeSource Certified TES Administrator

To find out how you can become CollegeSource certified, see our Support Center.