Meet the Client Advisory Board (CAB) in San Diego

by | Jun 13, 2022 | News


Connect with the CAB at the CollegeSource Annual Conference

This June 27th-30th, at the CollegeSource Annual Conference in San Diego, CA, you will have the chance to connect with our Client Advisory Board (CAB). The purpose of the CAB is to serve as a liaison between CollegeSource and the community of professionals using CollegeSource software to maximize the higher education experience. We hope you take this opportunity to interact with each member of the CAB to ask any questions, provide product input, and share a little about yourself and your institution. They are here for you.

CAB “Respond and Share” Panel Discussions

Join the CAB for the Respond and Share panels as they address questions and feedback submitted by the user community. The CAB will be split into two panels: Degree Achievement (uAchieve Degree Audit, uAchieve Planner, and Scheduler) and Transfer Solutions (uAchieve TA, TES, and Transferology). These panels will be available at both in-person and virtual conferences. Submit your questions for the panels today.

Advice on Attending

Our CAB members offer some advice for those planning to attend the annual conference below. Click on their names to learn more about each, including insights they gained during their own time in higher education.

Kim-Diawara-CollegeSource-Client-Advisory-Board-Member-CABKim Diawara (President)
Sr. Assistant Director / Transfer Credit Manager, University of Colorado Boulder
“The one tip that I would say: if you have questions, ask. No matter how entry-level or advanced the question may be, there are people who can help you.”

Chris-Shell-CollegeSource-Client-Advisory-Board-Member-CABChris Shell (Secretary)
University Registrar, Eastern Michigan University
“Connect with presenters. From personal experience, having previously presented at the conference, we are all happy to connect one-on-one before, during, or after the conference!”

Chris-Akers-CollegeSource-Client-Advisory-Board-Member-CABChris Akers
Senior DARS Encoder, Virginia Tech
“With budgetary concerns, my priority is to ensure I leave the conference with at least one ‘flashy’ change that can be implemented. For example, I returned from one conference able to implement a new exception type that solved an issue many people had experienced.”

Drew Lurker
Director of Student Records, Ivy Tech Community College
“The annual user conference is full of very knowledgeable people who are willing to give you plenty of ideas about how to overcome the challenges you are having.”

Kariann Hibbard
Business Systems Analyst, Sr., University of Utah
“I recommend you spend time in the months/weeks leading up to the conference coming up with questions you want to be answered at the conference. What challenges are you facing at your university? What projects will you start in the next year? What is something you want to do with the products but haven’t yet?”

Ritu-Sachdev-CollegeSource-Client-Advisory-Board-Member-CABRitu Sachdev
Associate Registrar, Marquette University
“Don’t miss it! My mantra is ‘Network!’ Attend as many sessions as you can so you can pick and choose some takeaways to implement at your institution. Initiate conversations with other attendees and the presenters. Get to know the CollegeSource staff—put faces to names.”

Ryan-Bench-CollegeSource-Client-Advisory-Board-Member-CABRyan Bench
Assistant Registrar, University of Wisconsin – River Falls
“You need to be here! I have never worked with a company that cares more about its users than CollegeSource does. They go out of their way to bring you into the ‘CollegeSource family’ and help you get the most out of their products.”

Scott-Ziolko-CollegeSource-Client-Advisory-Board-Member-CABScott Ziolko
Senior Evaluator, Columbia College of Missouri
“Take notes! The CollegeSource Annual Conference is great for discovering new ways to maximize your use of CollegeSource products. Columbia College has really made the most of TES based on ideas that have came directly out of this conference, such as displaying our equivalencies on our home page and using the Group Reports to display transfer degree plans.”

Wil-Perkins-CollegeSource-Client-Advisory-Board-MemberWil Perkins
Associate Registrar, Harding University
“First-time attendees will make the most out of the conference by speaking to fellow attendees between sessions. The networking that I have gained has been extremely helpful.”