Product Updates – February 2014

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Product announcements

Product Updates - February 2014u.achieve® 4.1.6 (client)
The u.achieve 4.1.6 client release consists of two new COM Table variables to allow a separator between date and time in the audit header and control adjustment of zero-credit courses. There was also a reporting bug fix.
u.achieve® 4.1.6 (server)
The u.achieve 4.1.6 server release includes the implementation of the DUPLCTL value of C and a new option to allow zero credit courses to adjust away from unmet sub-requirements. Also included are fixes for DUPLCTL values of Y, Q, and A.
u.achieve® Self-Service 4.1.6
The latest Self-Service release eliminates the automatic return to the top of the HTML audit that occurred in past versions whenever a requirement’s open/close icon was clicked.
Complete release notes for u.achieve client, server, and Self-Service