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by | Jun 15, 2016 | Product announcements

Product Updates–u.achieve® u.achieve release on June 6, 2016, addressed 129 issues including several new enhancements and improvements across the Suite. Important highlights of the release, by area, are:

  • The new Audit Comparison Tool allows users to perform line-by-line comparisons between two audits run for the same student to easily test encoding
  • Users can now display the staff menu items on all screen sizes to conserve screen resolution and improve accessibility


  • New Advanced features for creating exceptions from the audit allow users to create more powerful exceptions at the requirement and sub-requirement levels
    • A new More button facilitates the creation of many additional complex exceptions that were previously unavailable in Self-Service
    • A list of pseudos that apply to a sub-requirement are now displayed when performing advanced exceptions from the audit
    • Separate permissions were created for Exceptions From the Audit area and the regular exceptions form
  • The “Hello World” pages were expanded to include more information to better assist with web app installations and troubleshooting
  • Status identification for audits run in batches is improved
  • CSS cleanup was updated

u.achieve Server

  • New COM setting AUDITEXCPS for configuration of which pseudo to use when creating exceptions from the audit

  • Course availability in the Plan Builder now displays for the current term until registration ends
  • DARwin properly uses the config for the number of times to check for the audit
  • The YUI2 javascript library was replaced with jquery to mitigate code bloat, resulting in slight UI changes to dialog boxes

Schedule Builder

  • A new Search button was added in the Schedule Builder Search field

Want More Detail?
Visit the Support Center for complete Release Notes for the new release:



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