Product Updates – uAchieve 4.5.4

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Product announcements

uAchieve by CollegeSource
The latest uAchieve 4.5.4 release slated for March 10, 2020, successfully addresses over 300 enhancements and improvements across uAchieve applications! While the focus of the uAchieve 4.5.4 release is stability improvement, 4.5.4 is also the first release that is Veracode Standard certified, verifying the secure development process around our applications.

  • uAchieve
    • Improved flexibility of Student Search, allowing users to search for student data anywhere, not just Security or the Student Finder
    • New config controls whether Auth Codes are exact matches or prefix-based
    • New config to force the DPROG, CATLYT, and COMKEY when running transfer evaluations in Self-Service
    • Enhancement to keep the currently selected rule visible when editing a TA record in encoding from the web
    • Courses formatted with a backslash are now corrected to match the department course mask when changing focus in encoding from the web
    • The “Not Taken” text on courses is now configurable in the exceptions from the audit area
    • Improved performance of the Batch List and Batch Result List pages
    • Server
      • Now ensures that audit requests no longer get “stuck” in Q status during very high demand
      • Fixed inconsistent application of System Condition Code tests on transfer rules
  • Planner
    • New ability to add or delete a year to an existing roadmap
  • Schedmule
      • Two new scheduling reports: student preferences and student busy times
      • New notification indicates which selected preferences cause no schedules to return during auto-generation
      • New option to exclude enrolled/pre-enrolled courses when auto-generating other schedules
  • Further accessibility improvements throughout

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