Revisiting the Community Forums

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Community news

Do you wish you could talk to other CollegeSource product users to exchange ideas and information beyond the annual User Conference & Training Workshop?
If so, maybe you should re-investigate the CollegeSource Community Forums. Your current Support Center account credentials give you direct access to the Forums. You can also login to the Support Center and gain access through the Forums link at the top of the page:
Revisiting the Community Forums
The Forums are designed for users to interact and communicate with other users. Since there are often multiple ways to approach a problem, it’s helpful to hear how others have tackled a similar project on their campus. While the Support Center is always available for technical assistance from CollegeSource staff, you have the experience to share creative solutions and ways to use our products even beyond what we envisioned!
A great example of a question currently awaiting your expertise is the following active thread on graduation clearance:
Links in the Forums header can toggle you back to the Support Center and present a list of Recent Topics if you think you missed a notification email:
Revisiting the Community Forums
If you see a specific forum or topic you’d like to follow, use the links at the bottom of each thread to receive email notices when new information is posted (Watch this topic) and/or bookmark it for fast retrieval:
Revisiting the Community Forums
Email notices are sent when a new topic is added or if a reply is added to a thread you are watching. NOTE that you will only receive one email when any of your watched areas are updated. To prevent spamming you with unwanted e-mail, you will not receive another notice until you sign back into the Forums. So to keep current and prevent missed notices, we recommend making it a weekly practice to click into the Forums and see the Recent Topics and Hottest Issues.
You can also set up your Profile page and add a photo/avatar of your choosing to personalize your Forums interactions.
Welcome to your online neighborhood! We hope to see you there soon.
Questions? Feel free to email do***@co***********.com