Special Processing Options for Grading Policy Changes

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In Response to Grading Policy Changes

The current COVID-19 pandemic has left institutions around the world scrambling to move courses online and handle grading schemes outside of normal policies, including Pass/Fail, Credit/No Credit, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. To assist in troubleshooting affected degree audit and transfer articulation encoding within uAchieve, CollegeSource has been working to gather a list of scenarios and possible solutions that will be updated frequently.
Special Processing Options for Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit Grading for 2020.*

Share Your Encoding Scenario

If you have a scenario that is not yet covered in the above living document, feel free to post it to the Pass/Fail Grading Question.* We would like to know if your institution has established a policy that will affect degree audit or transfer articulation encoding, and how it may conflict with encoding that supports normal restrictions on Pass/Fail grades.
For more specific recommendations for an encoding dilemma, please open an issue in the Issue Tracker.*
We appreciate your help in sharing information so that we may develop methods for handling this situation.
* Please note that you will need a Support Center account to access these pages.