Spotlight on transfer: 2022 Higher Ed Institutional Transfer and Articulation Insights Survey

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Survey results reveal how institutions support transfer students

In September 2022, CollegeSource collected feedback from 360 representatives of the higher education community to better understand the impression of the state of transfer (at both the local and national levels) from professionals who provide daily support to transfer students. The survey results are being shared to give voice to their perspectives as a means of informing future strategies, best practices, and technological innovations related to transfer and credit articulation.

Responses were received from individuals from 324 colleges and universities and 7 district, system, or administrative offices within 48 states (and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico). These individuals reported working primarily within transfer, admissions, advising, records and registration, and enrollment management. Most respondents reported working at public, four-year colleges or universities.

Questions focused on how institutions attract, support, and ensure transfer students graduate. Representatives of colleges and universities were asked to provide insight into their institutions’:

    • recruitment methods;
    • evaluation and recognition of credit;
    • investment in technology; and
    • support of the transfer process at scale.
Respondents reported their institutions utilize several methods to recruit students. 57.3% have made transfer course evaluation decisions publicly available as a means of outreach. 

They were also asked to reflect on:

    • what their institutions are doing well when it comes to transfer policies, practices, and supporting students; and
    • how their institutions could better support transfer students.

Survey recipients were additionally asked to provide their thoughts on the effectiveness of the transfer process nationwide.

Read more about what colleges and universities had to say about the state of transfer and the common themes that emerged as recommended best practices or resources needed to best serve transfer students.

Questions about the survey? Please reach out to Sarah Hatfield (sa***@co***********.com).


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