The Wizards Are Coming Back!

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Wizard Bar Tech Help at CollegeSource Annual Conference
Attending the CollegeSource Annual Conference provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with CollegeSource staff members you may have been in contact with throughout the year(s). While at the conference, we try to make ourselves available as much as possible for any questions, but many of us are busy getting ready for presentations. Two years ago, we introduced a new event at our conference called the Wizard Bar, hosted by the CollegeSource School of Codecraft and Encoding Wizardry. During the 2-hour networking lunch, CollegeSource makes our “Wizards” available for 15-minute timeslots so you can ask the questions you were afraid to ask in a session or get our opinions on something you are thinking about.
I have been fortunate to be a Wizard since the beginning. Troy and Kerry (our President and CEO) had fun letting us know we were part of the initial Wizard class. Our letters arrived in the form of a parchment scroll sitting on each of our desks, complete with “owl” feathers scattered about. After hearing what we were doing, I got excited—plus I heard I would be getting my own Wizard hat! Having been a client before, I know how important it is to get a chance to be able to sit down and talk with the CollegeSource employees at the conference.
In the past two years, every one of my spots have been filled. I have been asked about everything from basic TES usage, the TES webservice API’s, questions regarding military credit, and someone even once slipped in a question regarding classic Volkswagens. It turns out we both owned old Volkswagen Beetles.
Wizard Bar Tech Help at the CollegeSource Annual Conference
Thinking back on my wizarding experience with fellow Wizard, Transfer Solutions Specialist John Panzica, he reminded me that last year we spontaneously switched our wizarding seats because the questions we each received could be better addressed by each other’s “school of magic.” It seems to have worked out for the best:

Our second appointment was hovering behind the first, and as we finished with the first, they came up and said “We’re next…and we had a different topic…but can you quickly show us what you were showing them [the previous client]?! That looks like we could use it more than what we were going to talk about!” — John Panzica

If you’re coming to our annual conference and you want to ask our Wizards a question, we will have sign-up sheets available near registration. Each sheet will indicate what each Wizard’s specialty is so you’re sure to get in touch with the right Wizard. Keep in mind: spots fill up fast!
Register today for the 2018 CollegeSource Annual Conference and get your questions answered at the Wizard Bar! Don’t forget to register by January 26 to receive $100 off your registration with Early Bird pricing! Looking for more of a discount? Become a presenter at the Annual Conference! Submit your presentation proposal by February 2 and if it’s accepted, you’ll receive an additional $100 off your registration!
Have you signed up for the Wizard Bar in the past? Please share your experience in the comments.