Tips and Tricks – The Transferology Recruiter Role

by | May 5, 2014 | Training

One of the more interesting features of Transferology is the ability for students to directly request more information from the institution to which they intend to transfer. This request forges a connection between the student user in Transferology and the staff users in the Transferology Lab.
Students that specifically ask for advising are added to the Lab’s advising area, where advisors can view the student’s information and answer questions about courses and degree programs. Students who do not request advising, and instead ask for information about things like a campus visit, appear in the Lab’s leads area. These areas are accessed from the “I would like to” pull-down menu in the Lab, where users can specify “recruit students” or “advise students.” Only users with the Recruiter role can access the student leads; therefore it is critical that member institutions identify someone with admissions expertise as a Recruiter.
In the leads area, the Recruiter can respond to students by email, refer them to advising, and/or export lead data for all students who have requested more information.
Screenshot – Student Requests More Info
The Transferology Recruiter Role
Screenshot – “I would like to – recruit students”
The Transferology Recruiter Role
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