Tips & Tricks: Finding a School in Transferology

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Training

Transferology™ provides students with three ways to find a school and where their prior learning experiences may transfer. After entering classes, a student clicks on the Search for Matches button to display a list of results. Because these results are sorted first by number and specificity of matches and then by distance, finding a particular school may involve scrolling. Alternately, a student can type the name of a college, a state, or a city to locate a particular school.
Any participating member of Transferology will appear in the list of matches that the student sees … as long as there is at least one match. If the school that they are interested in transferring to doesn’t have any equivalencies defined for the courses that they have added, it will not automatically display in the list of results. However, the “Looking for a particular school?” link allows students to search for any institution, even if that school has no equivalencies for the student’s courses and even if that school isn’t even a member of the Transferology network.
The “Looking for a particular school?” link is located just above the search box, at the head of the list of institutions with matching equivalencies.
Look through matches
When a student searches by state, they are given a list of schools from which to choose:
Search for a specific school
One of two messages displays when an institution has no matches for a student’s courses. The first message notes that there are no matching equivalencies. The second is reserved for when an institution does not participate in Transferology at all.
No Matches
If the school the student is interested in does not subscribe, they will see the following message:
Not a Subscriber
CollegeSource monitors when students make requests for more information from schools that do not participate, so that we can reach out to them to see if they would like to join our nation-wide network.


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