Tips & Tricks: Managing Pseudo Courses with Exceptions in u.achieve® Self-Service

by | Nov 7, 2014 | Training

Tips & Tricks: Managing Pseudo Courses with Exceptions in u.achieve® Self-ServiceIf you are setting up and using exceptions from the audit in u.achieve Self-Service, here is a tip to help you avoid potential issues if you have matching pseudo course names across multiple sub-requirements.
For example, in certain X- and Y-Line scenarios, it is not unusual to use matching pseudo courses across monitored sub-requirements. When you have this situation at your institution, we recommend that you list the X-/Y-Line pseudo after the unique pseudo course.
One of the nice things about exceptions from the audit in Self-Service is that the exception screens find the appropriate pseudo course for you (you don’t have to look them up and enter them as you do in the u.achieve Client). However, it works by taking the first pseudo course it finds in a sub-requirement. If this is not a unique pseudo course name, it will likely cause your exception to behave differently than you expect.
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