Tips & Tricks: The Importance of Web Titles in the® Academic Planner

by | May 3, 2015 | Community news, Training

While your institution is preparing to install, it can be helpful to fill out web title fields prior to implementation. Not only does this populate the bar charts in Self-Service, but it also makes it easier for staff members building roadmaps and ultimately for your students.
Web title fields are available on degree programs, requirements, and sub-requirements. They allow you to add “friendly” titles to make it easier for staff understanding and as guidance for better roadmaps.
web titles
The following screenshot illustrates the default situation. If the Web Title field is left blank, will display the Requirement Name (ENGCOMP in this example), which may not be helpful to your staff. In addition, the sub requirement Web Title field is blank, causing the default text of “Subrequirement” to display and we have no idea what classes might be applicable.
The next screenshot shows a requirement with Web Title fields at both requirement and sub-requirement levels, making it obvious which requirement we are working with (Arts & Humanities) and what courses we can expect to find in each sub requirement (Other Humanities, Literature Courses):


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