Transferology™ 1.2

by | Oct 16, 2014 | Product announcements

The new Transferology 1.2 release contains 90 enhancements and improvements to Transferology and the Transferology Lab. Important highlights for the student and the staff applications include the following:
Transferology introduces a fresh redesign of the Transferology Home page with a bold new look and feel for students. The Home page contains a new menu bar, including a College Employees tab that allows staff direct access to the Transferology Lab. Additionally, students now have the ability to search for a specific school while viewing matches on both the “Will My Courses Transfer?” (green) path and “Find a Replacement Course” (blue) path.
In the Transferology Lab, one notable highlight is the ability of staff to access the new Replacement Course statistics.
Overall, both Transferology and the Transferology Lab have undergone improvements to their mobile platforms and accessibility features.
Want More Detail?
Visit the Support Center for Transferology 1.2 Release Notes.
Transferology™ 1.2