Transferology Tips and Tricks: Maximizing Evaluation Efforts Using the Popular Courses Report

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Training

The Popular Courses report can be used to maximize your evaluation efforts for a specific feeder school and get to the top of searches for transfer matches by students from that school!
Have you ever wanted to focus on the courses that students are actually taking and transferring from a particular feeder school, rather than just looking at the whole catalog and taking a guess at which courses will be the most transferred? The Popular Courses report is the right tool for you! This report contains all the courses that students have included in their Transferology profiles, listing them in order by most often added to least. By focusing your evaluation efforts on the courses most often appearing in students’ Transferology profiles, you can have maximum impact with the least amount of effort.
By default, the report is filtered to the home state of your institution and to the last three months. Of course these filters can be removed or expanded in a number of different ways. You can focus on a particular state, a particular school, military courses and occupations, and much more. You can also set the date filter to any range within the last 365 days. (Currently, we only include one year of data in the report).
To focus on a particular feeder school, first set the Location filter to that school’s home state and click Apply. Then, set your date filter if you want something other than the last three months and Apply. Finally, enter the name of the particular feeder school you want to target in the “school name or course” box at the top, and click Apply. The result will be a list of all the courses from that school that students have added to their personal profiles, ordered from most added to least added. Click the Rules link to see whether or not you already have equivalencies defined for those courses. This will help you discover opportunities for useful evaluations!
Defining rules for the top 20, 30, or even 50 results in the Popular Courses report for a specific feeder school will provide answers for the majority of the transfer traffic from that school and greatly improve your standings in the results lists. Certainly, focusing on these “popular” courses will have a far greater effect than choosing the same number of courses to evaluate from a catalog by other means (like looking for general studies indicators or simply guessing).