uAchieve 5.0 FAQs and Beta Testing

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Product announcements


Learn About the uAchieve 5.0 Release

Since the announcement of uAchieve 5.0 (scheduled for release in Spring 2022), we have received several questions. To provide clarity and keep track of the questions asked along the way, we have created a uAchieve 5.0 Frequently Asked Questions page. It includes questions we were asked during our presentations at the CollegeSource Virtual Conference in June, questions we have received from our beta testing schools, and even internal questions that have circulated.
Below are a few examples of what is on the FAQ page:

What does the new TES integration do?
The new uAchieve 5.0 integration with TES allows users to process transfer in uAchieve while enjoying the information resources and evaluation workflow from TES. For example, from uAchieve screens, a user can search TES for course descriptions and other related course information relative to a student transcript. This information can be used to make an equivalency “on the spot” in uAchieve or to initiate a request for evaluation by a faculty evaluator with the appropriate rights in, and access to TES.

Will it work if I store my equivalencies somewhere other than uAchieve or TES?
No. This solution is specifically for institutions using uAchieve TA. It makes TES and the decisions made within that institution’s TES account an open resource for TA processing. This integration will not open up any connections between TES and other transfer articulation systems, whether home-grown, within your SIS, or from another vendor.

Is the implementation of uAchieve 5.0 significantly different?
Implementation of uAchieve 5.0 is not expected to be substantially different from past versions, though that could change over the course of development (if it does, we will update this page). We have consolidated some things, including moving all Planner functionality into Self-Service; Planner clients will no longer need a separate application install to utilize Planner functionality. The web applications are now compiled using Java 8 and support Tomcat 8 and 9.

We will continue adding questions and updating the uAchieve 5.0 FAQ page. If there is something you want to know and you do not see answered, please feel free to contact us to ask—chances are, someone else has the same question!

Beta Testing Update

Phase 1 of uAchieve 5.0 Planner beta testing began in early August. We are excited to be working with a handful of schools that represent a cross-section of our community. Participants are using different student systems, are geographically dispersed, have varying enrollment sizes, and have both on-premise and cloud installations. During beta testing, each participating client’s uAchieve 5.0 Planner beta environment will be set up in the CollegeSource cloud. This will allow us to redeploy updates as often as needed and give us direct access to Planner usage and data, which will shorten the debug/develop/deploy cycle. Running the beta from our cloud also alleviates a large portion of the technical burden on institutional IT resources.
While it is too early to provide significant updates, we created a uAchieve 5.0 Planner beta document (PDF) that outlines the beta testing process and estimated timeline. Keep an eye on the monthly newsletter for more details on uAchieve 5.0 and beta testing progress in the coming months.