uAchieve 5.0 Planner Beta Testing Update

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Product announcements

In August, CollegeSource began working with six schools to start Phase 1 of uAchieve 5.0 Planner beta testing. To recap, these uAchieve schools were selected because they use different student systems, are geographically dispersed, have varying enrollment sizes, and have both on-premise and cloud installations. Each of the schools provided us with encoding data which was then loaded into the beta instance in the CollegeSource cloud. Once finished, test audits were run for each institution to validate the encoding data. Our staff then began creating test students in the beta environment so audits and plans could be run and reviewed.
Throughout Phase 1 of the testing, direct access to the beta environment has only been open to CollegeSource staff. Once the initial internal testing has been completed, the review process will be expanded to include our internal functional experts and beta participants. While we are making good progress as we begin Phase 2, as with all beta testing, some improvements need to be made and we are taking time to address any issues that arise. As some of you know from tuning into early previews, we are breaking some new ground with this software. It is both challenging and fun to work through the intricacies of building plans dynamically and we are highly motivated to get it right.

We would like to thank the participating beta schools for sharing their encoding data with us, which has been extremely valuable for us in making real progress on generating plans. Our staff has been working hard to keep on track and are targeting a June 2022 release of uAchieve 5.0. As beta testing progresses, more information will be shared in the newsletter throughout the coming months. In the meantime, please see the uAchieve 5.0 FAQ page and Planner Beta Testing document (PDF) for additional information.