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by | Mar 11, 2022 | News


We invite you to watch two new webinars hosted in partnership with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) that highlight our degree completion powerhouse, uAchieve, and essential transfer tools, Transferology and TES. Recordings of the AACRAO sessions are now available to watch at your convenience, so you can see how these technologies can help you create a significant impact on the student success achieved at your institution.

uAchieve Planning + Audit = The Trusted Pathway to Graduation
Demonstrates how uAchieve, the comprehensive, cloud-based degree audit and academic planning system, allows students and advisors to make informed decisions along the path of earning degrees and credentials. The webinar also covers the new feature, Degree Discovery, which provides administrative staff the ability to uncover and award new completed degrees or certifications by rapidly performing millions of audits against their catalogs and students’ course credits earned.

Simplify Transfer: Transferology and TES
Provides a deep dive into the transfer success tools from CollegeSource. Transferology is the nationwide, open transfer network with access to millions of course-to-course equivalencies and program-to-program pathways. The answers provided by Transferology assist college advisors, students, and parents in making more informed decisions when transferring credits. As an all-in-one institution-facing solution, TES, the Transfer Evaluation System, enables researching transfer credit, tracking evaluations, and managing equivalencies for registrars, enrollment managers, and transfer coordinators. Together, Transferology and TES can be fully integrated to allow credit evaluators to make decisions based on actual student usage data, thus creating a seamless and holistic transfer solution.

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