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by | Jun 6, 2016 | Community news, Training

CollegeSource is fortunate to have a team with an amazing depth of knowledge and experience in higher education. We bring as many of them as we can to our annual user conference (37 are attending this year), and we always receive feedback on conference surveys complimenting us on how accessible our staff are. But we aren’t content to rest on our laurels. This year we are introducing something that I hope will become a tradition at the conference, the CollegeSource School of Codecraft and Encoding Wizardry!

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During the two-hour networking lunch on Wednesday we will have a number of tables staffed with our own CollegeSource wizards. They will be taking 15-minute appointments to talk with you, one-on-one, and help you work through those troubling tangles you sometimes experience when trying to get the best out of your CollegeSource software. So bring your questions and make an appointment with a wizard at the registration desk.
Experts will be available to address questions about:
• u.achieve encoding
• u.achieve technical matters
• Transferology configuration
• TES/Transferology imports
• TES web services
… as well as pretty much any other topic you have in mind.
Of course you can approach the staff at any other time during the conference too; our wizard school won’t be your only opportunity. However, we keep our staff pretty busy with presentations (also they need to eat and sleep at some point), so finding dedicated time to sit down with them during the conference can be a little tricky. We hope this new event makes an already accessible staff even more open to your needs.


  1. Thank you Troy!! I am very excited about the Wizards!!!!

  2. I love this idea!!


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