What’s New in the Issue Tracker? Private Viewers

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Community news, Product announcements

Have you ever shared log files to debug an issue in the Issue Tracker? If so, you probably know that changing the issue’s Security Level to “Private” is usually necessary since the files may contain sensitive information. However, this can prove problematic since doing so also prevents other staff on your own campus from being able to view the issue.
New to the Issue Tracker, users can now mark issues as private in a more controlled way that will allow your campus staff to view the issue without making it public to all CollegeSource clients. A new User Picker field called “Private Viewers” allows specific viewers access to the otherwise private issue:
Private Viewers
Since any number of users can be added to the Private Viewers field by either the issue reporter or by CollegeSource staff, controlled sharing of confidential information is enhanced and protected in the Issue Tracker.
For more information or for help with the Issue Tracker, contact us.
To get tips on utilizing our Support Center beyond the Issue Tracker, read the “What’s in the CollegeSource Support Center” article in this month’s news.


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