A successful week of valuable discussion on transfer topics

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Thank you to our incredible partners and attendees for engaging in helpful conversations around student transfer!

Every third week in October, colleges, universities, and organizations celebrate National Transfer Student Week. Here at CollegeSource, we like to take the week to celebrate success stories in Student Services and dive deep into transfer issues at our series of free, daily talks called the Transfer Week Webinar Series. For 6 years now, we have been honored to moderate sessions featuring Higher Ed professionals from institutions across the country as they share their passion for improving the student experience and knowledge of how to do so.

We are excited that, this year, over 1200 people joined the conversation around student transfer by signing up to attend the series that took place between October 16-20, 2023. Attendees got the chance to ask questions to presenters and panelists from Illinois MyCreditsTransfer, University of Illinois System, California Baptist University, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Marquette University, University of Southern California, Park University, University of Wisconsin River Falls, and Columbia College of Missouri.

If you weren’t able to catch the webinars live or would like to rewatch them, be sure to visit collegesource.com/transfer-week to view the recordings, plus access supplementary resources.


Recap of the 2023 Transfer Week Webinar Series

For complete session descriptions, view the agenda.

To kick off the week, we heard how the state of Illinois is helping diversify its student population through transfer. Based on the demographics of their community college populations, representatives from the state and system levels shared how increasing transfer pipelines to 4-year institutions could help broaden student populations and increase community college to 4-year enrollments.

We also hosted two panel discussions with transfer champions from various institutions—one on transfer processes and leveraging technology and one on pathways, partnerships, and articulation agreements. The discussions in these sessions are must-see.

The University of Southern California showcased how they process transfer credit at scale using a custom process of allowing students to self-report their prior coursework. This allows USC to proactively build equivalencies for the incoming class and ensure that when the students get to campus, they know exactly how their credits transfer.

To wrap up the week, our own Sarah Hatfield presented the fundamentals of transfer credit. In this session, she shared her wealth of knowledge on transfer garnered from her own experience as a transfer student and as a staff member at Lake Superior College and the University of Minnesota Duluth. This session received so much participant engagement that we had to go over the hour time slot, but it was well worth it.

Additionally, after the main series sessions, attendees were provided inside looks at CollegeSource tools that support students and staff at our bonus product demos. Attendees learned about TES, the Transfer Evaluation System, Transferology, uAchieve, and Higher Ed Policy Central.

Attendee feedback on this year’s series

    • “Friday’s session [The Fundamentals of Transfer Credit] was very good. I’m looking forward to viewing it again. We have a new staff member on our transfer team (bringing our Registrar Transfer Team to two people!) and it was especially helpful for her to have an overview of the process.”
    • “I enjoyed learning from others about their experiences in the various topics that were shared. I learned about other institution’s policies and how they use CollegeSource products to aid in their work.”
    • “I always learn when I hang out with smart folks from TES and CollegeSource. Was there one webinar that didn’t apply to my position as much as the others? Sure, but I still learned good stuff. You rock.”
    • “It was interesting to hear what others are doing differently, but mostly it was validating to learn that we are on par with other institutions.”
    • “I was able to get a beginner crash course regarding articulation agreements.”
    • “Can’t wait to go back and watch the webinars. I really appreciated the live demos of the products after the presentations every day.”
    • “Got some refreshers in Transferology; got a glimpse at how others have embedded CollegeSource products in their processes – I had at least a couple, if not more, takeaways from each session. The sessions that I attended had moderators who ensured that the attendees stayed engaged.. that to me was valuable. Sessions were well spread out, and content was helpful! Thanks!!”
    • “There were several great ideas and discussions. I especially liked the presentation put on by Eric Kidder from the University of Southern California and how they were able to work with TES to create a special student entry portal for transfer credits.”

Watch the sessions now

All series sessions were recorded and are available to view at your convenience, for free, including the bonus product demos.

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Training resources

While the Transfer Week sessions are intended to be for a general audience (not only CollegeSource product users), questions about how to use TES, Transferology, and uAchieve to tackle transfer challenges did come up in several sessions. We have many training resources available for users, including live webinars and training and certification opportunities. We also have recorded sessions from our Annual Conference, and help articles and videos on a range of topics.


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