Coming to Transferology Lab: Multifactor authenticated login

by | May 3, 2024 | News, Product announcements, Training

Two-step verification is soon to be required for increased account and data security 

CollegeSource is gearing up for our annual conference on June 17-20 in San Diego, CA. Users of TES, Transferology, and uAchieve can look forward to three days of networking and training with over sixty breakout sessions. Nineteen of these sessions will focus on Transferology, including Tuesday’s “Transferology Health Check: Product Updates for 2024,” which will give attendees an insider look at new features and improvements coming to Transferology. One feature that will be previewed is the introduction of multifactor authentication in Transferology Lab, the staff-facing application designed to support the needs of staff at colleges and universities that are part of the network.

What is multifactor authentication?

Multifactor authentication – also known as “MFA” – protects a user’s account – and the data within – from unauthorized access if the user’s password becomes stolen or compromised. It introduces a second verification step to confirm the user’s identity; in the case of Transferology Lab, users will be prompted to enter a six-digit code sent to the email associated with the individual’s account. Similar functionality was introduced to TES in January 2024. 

When is it coming to the Transferology Lab?

Multifactor authentication for sign-in will be required within Transferology Lab when Transferology 1.9.6 is released this summer. A formal release date will be announced at the CollegeSource Annual Conference and in a future newsletter.

Since roll-out will occur this summer, CollegeSource recommends that Transferology Lab School Administrators share this article with all Lab users at their institution so users who are away for the summer are prepared to start using MFA when returning to campus in the fall.

What to expect when logging in

Verification code

When logging into Transferology Lab, users will receive a prompt indicating that a verification code was sent to the individual’s registered email. Users will have 30 minutes to retrieve and enter the code but can request a new verification code sent via email if the previous one expires.

Remember this device?

After entering the code, users can mark a checkbox to indicate they want to bypass two-factor authentication when logging into the Lab over the next thirty days from the same device. No additional verification beyond one’s username and password would be required during this timeframe. Otherwise, verification will be required upon the next login from the same device. Upon submission, users will be redirected to the Transferology Lab Profile Preview.  


The Transferology Support team is happy to answer questions about the roll-out of multifactor authentication in the Lab. Please reach out via email at tf*********@co***********.com or via the Help button on any page in Transferology Lab. 

Transferology Administrator Certification

Want to learn more about Transferology? Users attending this year’s conference are invited to participate in the first-ever Transferology Administrator Certification. Join us for this pre-conference certification opportunity where you will learn the ins and outs of Transferology and how to maximize its use at your campus. Don’t miss out – the fee for this certification track is now half off at $199.50!


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