Happy Holidays to Our CollegeSource Family and Friends!

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Community news

I love this time of year in the CollegeSource offices. It is a time of tying up loose ends, celebrating accomplishments, giving back through community/charity projects, and rubbing our hands together in excitement over our resolutions for 2017! It’s also the time that we take a break, company-wide, to really ground ourselves in our family and home lives and rest up to achieve great things in the new year.
We will be officially out of the office from Thursday, December 22nd to Monday, January 2nd. We will, of course, continue to run enough tech support to make sure our hosted products don’t fail to support the work you are doing during that time.
2016 was, I think we can all agree, a challenging year. The recent passing of John Glenn, a truly inspiring American, reminds us of how many people left us last year. We also weathered a divisive election and are headed into the new Presidency with butterflies in our stomach of one variety or another. But as much as things change, our vision for, and duty to higher education remains the same.
We want to thank you all for your ideas, feedback (positive or critical), loyalty, and participation in CollegeSource efforts during 2016. Last year you all collectively poured millions of hours into helping students in higher education, and we got the privilege of helping you be more impacting in that service.
Here are some exciting numbers I shared at the CollegeSource conference in June, encompassing the 12 months leading up to that date.

  • Students in Transferology created 481 thousand accounts, added 5.8 million courses, and searched your equivalencies over 2 million times!
  • Staff in TES conducted over 4.7 million sessions (averaging a little over 5 minutes in length) to rack up more than 400,000 hours of activity in researching transferability of student coursework.
  • We kicked off 22 uAchieve projects, and spent a combined 15,000 hours (plus) on helping institutions upgrade and implement our degree audit and planning tools.

We wish we could quantify for you the number of audits and plans that students and staff in higher education ran through uAchieve last year. Since the product is installed, we don’t have easy access to your data, but we know that it was certainly in the millions.
I am truly grateful that when I get up and go to work everyday, I am committing my time to a useful purpose. I am grateful to Harry and Kerry Cooper for founding this company and keeping it strong so that the entire staff of CollegeSource can participate in something meaningful. We love helping you help students in higher education and we hope that we make your jobs easier and more rewarding. We love that directly and indirectly we help students better themselves through education, growing personally and finding meaningful work of their own. Thank you for being a part of what we do, and thank you for 2016.

Troy Holaday, Ph.D.
CollegeSource, Inc.


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