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In higher education, staffing transitions can present many challenges. Whether due to retirement, a promotion, or other life events, the departing staff member takes years of collected knowledge and expertise with them. This knowledge is often very nuanced and historical and can be difficult to transition in a short period. This is especially true for degree audit encoders, who have developed a deep knowledge of the encoding patterns and practices used by the institution. During the transition, staff may not have the opportunity to cover all the needed information to help the new encoder understand the institution’s encoding philosophy, duplicate policy and grading schema, condition code usage, common exception requests, etc. If the transition isn’t occurring when curriculum changes and catalog processes for the next year are underway, staff taking on new responsibilities may also not be able to receive the hands-on training needed to understand complex programs.

The uAchieve Encoding Mentorship

CollegeSource’s Functional Implementation Specialists understand the challenges involved in learning and understanding inherited encoding. We have created the Encoding Mentorship program specifically to help staff members understand and start to maintain their institution’s degree audit. This program is not designed to replace training but is a supplement to help staff members better understand the institution’s existing encoding. Those participating in the mentorship program must have completed uAchieve Basic Encoding training.

Institutions can choose between a six or twelve-month mentorship with a CollegeSource Functional Implementation Specialist. During this mentorship, CollegeSource will provide:

  • Monthly hour-long virtual meetings to discuss encoding, the types of issues/challenges you are currently facing, and to set priorities on what guidance may be needed for the rest of the month.
  • Up to 4 hours of additional assistance/working session(s) throughout the month, as requested.
  • Direct support, eliminating the need to submit help tickets or rely solely on support documentation.

Pricing is $6,500 per person for a 6-month mentorship, or $12,750 for 12 months.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about the Encoding Mentorship program and how it can help staff at your institution be better positioned for success, please contact us.

Client testimonials 

Here’s what participants in the uAchieve Encoding Mentorship have to say about their experience:

“I’m so grateful for the professional development opportunity that was given to me through my CollegeSource mentorship. I was able to compile issues I was having, along with examples, prior to the meetings with my mentor, so we were able to work through them together.  My mentor provided me with new ways to troubleshoot and solve the issues I was having, which has now given me the ability and confidence to solve issues on my own.  I would highly recommend this mentorship program to anyone who may be new to encoding and wants to learn more about their currently established system.”

–Jenna Peters, Degree Planning & Audit Reporting System Specialist
Minnesota State University Mankato

“Our university’s experience with the uAchieve Encoding Mentorship program was completely positive. The personalized training that our new encoder received was instrumental in her understanding of our existing encoding. It allowed the ability to adjust current encoding as needed, as well as develop encoding for new programs. This was all facilitated in a manner that integrated established practices while also incorporating the suggestions of a trainer with the expertise to evaluate our needs in the context of current best practices. This mentorship allowed our encoder to significantly advance her general skills while simultaneously receiving support in solving some very complicated, specific, and pressing issues.  The return on the financial investment was significant and allowed us to continue serving our students with a high-quality degree audit.”

–Hollie Stanley, Interim Director of Registration and Academic Records
Minnesota State University Mankato

“The mentorship program was a game changer. In late 2021, we had a shift in positions which left a uAchieve knowledge gap in the office. I learned about the mentorship program while dropping in on a remote CollegeSource Conference session. Conni and her team were extremely helpful in matching us with the ideal mentor who worked closely with our new Degree Audit Specialist to get her caught up on the intricacies of uAchieve. The one-on-one attention and support are invaluable. The mentorship program is a very wise investment, especially for guiding new team members or for getting help on how to conquer curricular changes to your degree plans. We value the relationship we have with our CollegeSource partners!”

–Sarah Iverson, University Registrar
Trinity University

“I would highly recommend the mentorship program! I feel it should be a must for any new encoder inheriting a system! The mentorship program guided me through a deep dive exploration and understanding of our institution’s complex curriculum and taught me how to navigate it through encoding. We were able to do a lot of cleanup and modifications that enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of our degree audits. I really cannot envision learning how to maintain our complex encoding without the mentorship program. It is an invaluable program, and my mentor was an amazing guide into the degree auditing world!”

–Dominique Mackenzie, SIS Business Analyst
Trinity University


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