Product Updates–uAchieve® 4.4

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Product announcements

Product Updates--uAchieve® 4.4We have been hard at work on uAchieve 4.4! This release represents a significant move forward for the product. It introduces the first improvements in a series of enhancements that we have planned to make uAchieve more coherent to talk about, easier to install, and more powerful than ever.
The uAchieve 4.4 release slated for January 10, 2017, addresses over 150 enhancements and improvements across all components of the product. The primary objective in the 4.4 release is moving most of the administrative functions into the database, thereby making configuration of CollegeSource applications easier when installing and upgrading. Also, we are introducing brand changes in the form of fresh new logos and color palettes.
Important highlights of the 4.4 release:

  • Most configurable options have been moved from properties files into the database and will be accessible via the Admin area of the Dashboard.
  • Updated third-party libraries (e.g., Hibernate, Spring, Java) have been applied across all applications to ensure the most recent and fully supported versions are running.
  • The admin search function now allows for multiple keywords and returns rows that match all keywords.
  • Re-worked role permissions allow multiple application permissions to be defined per role.

uAchieve Server

  • Did you notice the new formatting and logo? u.achieve is now uAchieve. (See related article.)
  • Database performance improvements were added.

uAchieve Self-Service

  • When making exceptions on students in the Exception tab, the DPROG property now determines any degree program restrictions.

uAchieve Planner

  • The application is now the uAchieve Planner. (See related article.)
  • You may now force roadmap requirements to validate completion against a parent audit sub-requirement rather than its associated audit sub-requirement.

Want More Detail?
Visit the Support Center for complete Release Notes on uAchieve 4.4:


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