Transferology 1.9.5 release: See what’s new!

by | Aug 30, 2023 | News, Product announcements

What to expect in the Transferology 1.9.5 release

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Transferology 1.9.5 is scheduled for release on September 12, 2023. This release will contain over 390 enhancements and improvements to Transferology and Transferology Lab.

Read on to see notable highlights from the upcoming release and discover new training opportunities.

Highlights in the Lab

Export student leads for use in your Student Information System

With this release, information from the Recruit Students page and the Student Profile can be exported from Transferology Lab as a JSON file. Institutions can use this file to upload student leads directly to a Student Information System (SIS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to assist in recruitment efforts.

Collaborative Course Bundles

Lab users will soon be able to work together to create Transfer and Replacement Course Bundles. This new feature will enable multiple users to view, edit, and delete a co-managed bundle. An activity log will record all updates for review.

The creator of the bundle is considered its owner and will have full control in editing its name and contents, deleting the bundle, and adding or removing other Lab users as collaborators. The bundle owner will be able to share ownership with others or restrict permissions to one or more of the capabilities noted above. Collaborative Transfer Bundles can additionally be exported as a CSV or JSON file.

What’s new for students

Expanded social logins

Students will have more social login options, making the creation of an account and logging in to Transferology easier than ever. In addition to signing in via Google and Microsoft accounts, starting with 1.9.5, students will be able to use their Apple login to access Transferology.

Autodetect & apply the browser theme

CollegeSource previously introduced display themes in Transferology 1.9.4 to help increase its accessibility and ensure our products meet Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 international standards. We have done further development on this feature in 1.9.5 that will make it possible for Transferology to detect whether a student’s computer, mobile, or tablet browser is using a light or dark theme and automatically apply that theme upon login for the duration of the session. If the student adjusts browser settings while logged into Transferology, the theme in the application will automatically update unless the student has selected a theme. This update ensures that students using a light or dark theme can experience Transferology in the preferred mode without manually adjusting settings upon login.

How to learn more

Those are just some of the highlights of this upcoming release. Check out the below opportunity to dig deeper and learn more about 1.9.5:


Join us for our upcoming webinar, Transferology 1.9.5: Learn the Latest Product Updates, on September 19th.

Edit: This webinar recording is now available to watch at your convenience below.

Transferology 1.9.5: Learn the Latest Product Updates

This webinar was recorded on September 19, 2023.

Release notes

A more detailed explanation of new developments in 1.9.5 will be available on September 11 – one day before the planned release:


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