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A labor of love

Watch now! This post has been updated to include two session recordings below.

After years of development and beta testing, we are excited to announce the official public release of uAchieve 5.0. The latest version of uAchieve is packed full of features requested by users, including an updated user interface, a brand new Planner, and integration with TES, the Transfer Evaluation System. uAchieve 5.0 is available now for current uAchieve Cloud customers who are eligible for an upgrade, current uAchieve customers who want to migrate from on-premise to the uAchieve Cloud, and new uAchieve Cloud customers. On-premise availability will be announced at a later date. Highlights of this release include:

Auto-generated plans to keep students on track

The uAchieve Planner was totally reimagined and built from the ground up, but continues to include the best features of the previous Planner, such as validating courses against the uAchieve Degree Audit and capturing course demand. The new Planner provides more flexibility for students and requires less upkeep from staff than the previous version. For example, instead of building roadmaps, now only a few new encoding fields within uAchieve are needed for the Planner algorithm to determine when a requirement or sub-requirement should ideally be fulfilled in a student’s plan. The Planner takes into account where a student currently is in their academic career (credits earned and courses taken), their commitment level in terms of how many hours they want to take per semester or when they intend to graduate, and the various “rules” that apply to taking courses that have been encoded in audit (required courses, options, pre- and co-requisites, repeat policies, etc.) and uses the information to dynamically auto-create plans for the student.

A bridge between TES and uAchieve to improve efficiency

This new integration allows users to process transfer in uAchieve while leveraging the information resources and evaluation workflow from TES. From uAchieve, a user can directly identify transfer courses without established equivalencies and search course descriptions from TES in Self-Service. This information can then be used to make an equivalency “on the spot” in uAchieve or initiate a request for evaluation by a faculty evaluator with the appropriate rights in and access to TES. Whether an evaluation task is initiated in uAchieve, TES, or the Transferology Lab, once an equivalency is created in TES, that decision is now available in uAchieve Self-Service for the creation of a transfer articulation rule. This means vital information from the TES evaluation is populated in uAchieve, saving users time and the burden of double entry.

An updated look, mobile enhancements, and more

The responsive design in the new user interface in uAchieve makes it mobile-friendly and suitable for desktop platforms without needing entirely separate applications or multiple installations. Colors and fonts have been improved for readability and accessibility while retaining the same familiar layout. Additionally, all Planner, Schedule Builder, and Dashboard functionality have been moved into Self-Service, which means a separate application install is no longer needed to utilize Planner or Schedule Builder functionality.

Learn more

Current uAchieve customers can view the What’s New: uAchieve 5.0 Release Notes in the Support Center for more detail or join us for the following webinar:

uAchieve 5.0 Release Updates

Monday, April 3, 2023, at 2:00-2:45 pm ET

Join us for a special session for existing uAchieve clients. This webinar will highlight the updates available in the 5.0 version of uAchieve, which became available on March 23, 2023, and includes new product features, integrations, and UI updates, as well as over 800 enhancements and improvements to the software. This session will focus on improvements to the uAchieve core. The completely rewritten Planner and new uAchieve-TES Interface will be covered in subsequent webinars offered on April 4th and 5th.

Registration has closed.

In addition to the above webinar, we will also be offering two additional webinars which will provide general overviews of the new Planner and TES integration in uAchieve. These webinars are open to all institutions and anyone interested in seeing a demonstration.

uAchieve 5.0 Degree Audit, Planner, & Schedule Builder: The Major New Release

This webinar was recorded on April 4, 2023.


uAchieve 5.0 TES Mode: The uAchieve-TES Transfer Evaluation Integration

This webinar was recorded on April 5, 2023.


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