What’s in the CollegeSource Support Center? More Than You Think!

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Training

How many of you are using the CollegeSource Support Center? If you thought (or said out loud), “Me, me!” next question: are you using it beyond just accessing the Issue Tracker? (Check out “What’s New in the Issue Tracker? Private Viewers” to hear about a new feature.)
If your next response is something like, “uh…maybe not” I’d like to take you on a little tour.
First stop: collegesource.com. Wait—what?! I thought we were going to the Support Center! Yes—you can simply bookmark the home page of the Support Center—but then you might miss some valuable information. The main CollegeSource web site, for example, is where you learn about upcoming training offerings, dates, and how to register. Go to Training>Workshops or Events to see the dates of available workshop training and register online. The Events page also lists upcoming webinars and the CollegeSource conference schedule, searchable by date range and event type filters.
Moving on to the Support Center—we do that in one click from Support at the top of the CollegeSource web site. If you haven’t signed up for your free account, you can request an account at any time here: http://clients.collegesource.com/myprofile/acegilogin.jsp.
Your landing page should have many jumping off places depending on the products your institution licenses.
support center
There are many places to explore from this main page:

  • Register for the annual User Conference this June in San Diego (full agenda coming soon!)
  • Select a CollegeSource product to find descriptions, functional and technical documentation, downloads, and online help files
  • Scan a running list of our recent news articles
  • Check out the new user community forum, Questions. For details, see last month’s article Questions (and Answers!).

CollegeSource also offers many opportunities for client support under the Services link, including:

  • Functional and technical consulting for encoding, upgrades, and on-site training
  • Free training and webinar options, plus past User Conference presentations
  • Professional development opportunities through CollegeSource certifications
  • Access to the Issue Tracker

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Use the Search field at the top of the screen to find your unique phrase or field.
Explore the CollegeSource Support Center today and discover the wealth of information and answers at your fingertips!


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