What’s So Great about CollegeSource Workshops?

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Training

What's So Great about CollegeSource Workshops?Another u.achieve® Basic Encoding Workshop has wrapped in Cincinnati–and what a terrific group! We learned and laughed together, and our learners left with a deeper understanding of why u.achieve works the way it does. Workshop weeks are always a favorite part of my job, and in reflecting back on this week, I thought I’d try to provide some description about why this method is truly the best way to learn our degree audit software.
As a learner in one of our workshops, you spend an immersive three and a half days away from your institutions in our training room, equipped with 25 workstations and enough space to comfortably work on a computer and take notes. You receive a 300+ page learner guide to take away with you for reference that includes all lecture content, exercise descriptions, best practice recommendations, and links to additional documentation.
Workshops include lectures by experienced u.achieve trainers interspersed with hands-on exercises using familiar, real-world scenarios. Trainers spend as much time as it takes to troubleshoot until your questions are answered and a solution is provided to show how described functionality can work with your unique situations.
During lunches and evening outings, it is not uncommon for small groups to have in-depth discussions with our staff and each other about encoding challenges at their institutions. Learners often leave with a solution in mind…or at least with a number of things to consider when they return home.
And the best thing in my mind is you get to meet peers from other institutions facing the same day-to-day challenges to form friendships and alliances that can last years—particularly if you have the opportunity to meet up with them annually at the User Conference.
Instead of taking my word for it, the following are just a few quotes from recent workshop exit evaluations:

“The training was excellent. It was great to experience the training in a classroom
setting and to have the opportunity to ask questions. This was an ideal way to learn.”

“Great environment for beginners! I will be returning to work with a good base for
continued learning.”

“Great communication, not delivered technically, used every day language and
examples. I had many light bulb moments.”

“Can’t think of any [improvements] as both presenters were dynamic presenters
of the information. Most engaging, interactive training I’ve been to.”

There are two more opportunities to learn with us in 2015:

I hope you will consider joining us at a future workshop here in Cincinnati. In the meantime, happy encoding!


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