A farewell to our outgoing Client Advisory Board members

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Thank you to the outgoing members of the Client Advisory Board, an important link to our user community.

As we usher in new members to the CollegeSource Client Advisory Board, we wish a fond farewell to four outgoing members who have done outstanding work during their tenure on the board. The CAB is a volunteer group of Higher Ed professionals that serve as a liaison between CollegeSource and its base of users. (That is, staff of higher education who use TES, Transferology, uAchieve, and other tools created by CollegeSource in their daily work.) CAB members represent the community by collecting feedback from fellow users, organizing it, and relaying that information to the company. They also represent the company to the users by sharing news, helping organize and energize the user base, and welcoming new community members.

Our recently retired members have more than successfully fulfilled their duties. We look forward to continuing to engage with them as a part of the user community. A huge thanks to all of you:

Hear from past CAB members

We asked the outgoing members to share thoughts about their time serving on the board and were able to learn about some special memories, what it’s like to speak at the CollegeSource Annual Conference (where members hold an annual in-person meeting), and the benefits they experienced. Read their responses below.

Kim Diawara

Past CAB President
Sr. Asst. Director / Transfer Credit Manager
University of Colorado – Boulder

Do you have a favorite memory from your time on the CAB?

At the annual Conference after the Respond and Share breakouts with Transfer Credit, the CAB members will do a Facebook Live interview with Eric. My other favorite memory is the first day of the conference, getting to meet CAB members for our in-person meeting/lunch. So many conversations about what everyone is doing at their institutions, lots of laughs, and then seeing all the hard work come together for the conference.

 What have you gained by being a CAB member?  

Being a CAB member gave me a better understanding of the products, but it also gave me a voice for the community. Having the ability to provide input to CollegeSource, not only my needs but also the needs of the clients, was huge.

What was it like presenting at the annual conference?

It is a wave of emotions… first I get excited about the idea, put a lot of work into the presentation, get to the conference, and then it hits me that I am presenting. I get nervous that no one will find it interesting and no one will show up, but then I get really worried everyone will show up. Everyone is staring at me as I talk, but then I realize I have a lot of great information to share and even if only a couple of folks find use in it, it is worth it.

 What is something you’ll miss about serving on the CAB?

Everything. I have enjoyed my time on the Client Advisory Board, working alongside my fellow CAB members and CollegeSource, whether it is putting together a virtual conference during COVID or having a sneak peek at new functionality in a product that will soon be released. I will miss it all but am excited to see the CAB continue to grow and bring new ideas.

Christine Shell

Past CAB Secretary
University Registrar
Eastern Michigan University

Do you have a favorite memory from your time on the CAB?

Eight years is a long time from which to pick one favorite memory! I think being able to find ways to continue the conference during the pandemic is one of my proudest moments.

What have you gained by being a CAB member?

I have gained a deeper understanding of the factors involved in decision-making at the organizational level. Understanding how/why/when new products/features are introduced has helped me navigate implementation decisions on my campus.

What was it like presenting at the annual conference?

It has been nice to be able to listen to users and hear of their experiences. The ability to then convey that information to CollegeSource staff means that users continue to have a voice in decision making.

What is something you’ll miss about serving on the CAB?

I will miss the regular interactions with other users and CollegeSource staff. I know, however, they continue to be there whenever I need them!


Kariann Hibbard

Business Systems Analyst
University of Utah

Do you have a favorite memory from your time on the CAB?

So much of my time on the CAB happened during the COVID shutdown. Because of that, many of our “monthly meetings” took place when we were all trying to figure out working from home. It was fun to see individual work spaces change from a very simple setup to more elaborate setups. I particularly loved Drew Lurker’s at-home setup because he installed a green screen. It was always fun to see what my colleagues would use for their background. I also LOVED our CAB lunch the day before the conference started. I have so many good memories of connecting with everyone in person, catching up on the last year, and planning for the rest of the conference.

What have you gained by being a CAB member?

I have gained SO MUCH by being a member of the CAB. I think the most important thing I have gained is relationships with colleagues at other CollegeSource institutions. I have also developed professional relationships with CollegeSource employees that have been helpful for new and ongoing projects at my institution. As someone who has worked at public institutions of higher education for my entire career, I also gained a view into what working in the private sector looks like and how those processes may differ from processes at my institution.

What was it like presenting at the annual conference?

I LOVED presenting at the annual conference. My favorite presentations were the ones that included other CAB members (panels and CAB sessions), but I loved being in a position where my knowledge and experience could benefit others. I think what I loved most about those presentations were the questions that people would ask and how that would lead to people making connections with each other or with me. But I also want to point out that you do not have to be on the CAB to present at the conference. In fact, I was not on the CAB for my first presentation at the annual conference.

What is something you’ll miss about serving on the CAB?

I will miss our monthly meetings and being able to help plan the conference. The monthly meetings were great for planning and getting work done, but they were also great for reconnecting with colleagues who became my friends. I look forward to the CollegeSource Annual Conference every year and it will be so weird to just be an attendee. That said, I’m also looking forward to attending the conference with reduced responsibilities.


Wil Perkins

Graduate Registrar
Harding University

What have you gained by being a CAB member?

It has been one of the best professional development experiences of my career. Being on the CAB has allowed me to network with peers at other institutions and interact with a company that is interested in serving its clients and students.

What was it like presenting at the annual conference?

I enjoy sharing how we use the product and how CollegeSource has partnered with us to pioneer processes that help us meet our needs.

What is something you’ll miss about serving on the CAB?

The monthly CAB meeting was the highlight of the week. It was a chance to step away from my day-to-day tasks and interact with other professionals nationwide. While sometimes we debate silly things like Pop-Tarts or Toaster Streusel, other times we provide support for each other as we go through difficult times.

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