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New feature in TES will allow users to view how peer institutions articulate credit

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Each year, higher education professionals look forward to the CollegeSource Annual Conference as a place to connect with their peers and learn how other institutions are using TES, Transferology, and uAchieve. We at CollegeSource recognize the value of learning from and collaborating with peers – this is one of the reasons we always encourage and invite client presentations. Peers give valuable insight into how to adopt and roll out new technology, obtain campus buy-in, and develop effective and efficient business processes. Seeing what other campuses are doing to support transfer students provides a vision of what’s possible and helps lay the groundwork for improvements and innovations. 

This is why CollegeSource is excited to announce an upcoming feature in TES that will allow transfer specialists to compare how peer institutions are awarding credit for college-level transfer courses and non-traditional items like military courses and advanced placement tests. Colleges and universities can use this information as a reference point when evaluating credit at their school or for advocating for practice and/or policy changes. System and statewide collaborative groups can also use this feature to work with one another on aligning transfer-of-credit decisions.  

Introducing: Peer Sharing

A new page called Peer Management will soon be added to the Manage menu in TES. On this page, TES Administrators will be able to choose whether their college or university is available for Peer Sharing. Once a school opts to participate, the administrator may also select up to six peer institutions for comparison/review.

Peer Sharing will be completely optional; if an institution does not wish to participate, their equivalencies will not be shared with other participating institutions (nor will they be able to see the equivalencies of other institutions in peer sharing). 

When viewing course descriptions through the Course Finder at participating institutions, users with either the CREATE EVAL or CREATE EQ TES user right will see a new button called Peer EQ. Once selected, the user will be taken to the Peer Equivalency page, where they will see a list of their college or university’s chosen peer institutions and how each institution has evaluated the selected course. Only active equivalencies that are not hidden from the TES Public View will display.  


The user would select the arrow to the left of the institution name to be taken to the EQUIVALENCY DETAIL page, which will show a side-by-side comparison of the transfer and home institution course descriptions, the equivalency BEGIN DATE and END DATE, and the PUBLIC NOTE (if applicable). PRIVATE NOTE, CREATOR, EQUIVALENCY LOG, and EVALUATION LOG field details will not display in the summary.


Participation in Peer Sharing

Institutions with a TES Public View usage of greater than 100 log entries in the 30 days prior to the release of this new functionality will be automatically opted-in to Peer Sharing. All other institutions will need to manually turn Peer Sharing on in TES. If institutions have questions or concerns about being opted-in to Peer Sharing, please reach out to CollegeSource via [email protected].  

Want to learn more?


There are three opportunities to attend our webinar on Peer Sharing and other new features. The upcoming session, New TES Features (May 2023): Priority Departments, Peer Sharing, Catalog Status Tracking, and Institution Profile Notes, will take place on May 26, May 30, and June 8.

Edit: This webinar recording is now available to watch at your convenience below.

New TES Features (May 2023): Priority Departments, Peer Sharing, Catalog Status Tracking, and Institution Profile Notes

This webinar was recorded on June 8, 2023.


Annual conference

This and other new features in TES will also be overviewed at the CollegeSource Annual Conference session, TES: What’s New, What’s Next, taking place June 26, 2023, at 1:00 PM PT. Are you registered for the annual conference yet? We hope to see you there!


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