What’s new and next for TES

by | Aug 7, 2023 | News, Training

Learn the about the latest features in TES and what’s to come – including focus groups!

What’s new

Each year at our annual conference we highlight all the enhancements we have released for our Higher Ed solutions, including TES, the Transfer Evaluation System. This past year we released almost 40 TES enhancements. These range from smaller items like raising the limits on note fields to four major enhancements: Priority Departments, Peer Sharing, Catalog Status Tracking, and Custom Institutional Profile Notes. To see a running list of all the enhancements in TES, make sure to check out the Release Notes section in our TES Support Documentation.

Helpful tip on fall term catalogs

One thing to note with the Catalog Status Tracking: there is no need to request catalogs that are coming out for the fall term; we already have scheduled collection dates for those catalogs. Feel free to add them to your watchlist. This will allow you to keep an eye on the status of an institution’s catalogs, knowing we will be collecting them soon. The request option is best for catalog editions that we may have missed, rather than routine updates.

What’s next

We like to think of TES as a mature product, meaning all necessary/major features within the scope of the product are implemented. Our focus moving forward is on improving TES for our users as we continue to build upon and strengthen the system. We plan on spending the next six months researching ways to improve the user experience, strengthen back-end technologies, and learn more about how customers actually use TES on a daily basis. We will be searching out customers who use certain features heavily. However, we would also like to hear from you directly, if you have a process you’d like us to observe. We will soon be scheduling dates and times for focus groups.

During focus groups, we will be watching customers interact with TES as a part of their daily workflow. While many of us here at CollegeSource are veteran higher education employees, things have changed since many of us worked in the field. We would like to make sure TES still works for clients the way it’s designed to. These observations will help us improve areas such as navigation, layout, and functionality, while also learning which features could work better for clients. We would especially like to hear what “workarounds” clients may be implementing to see if we can provide better functionality to reduce their use.

Join a focus group

If you are interested in participating in a TES focus group, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Your willingness to offer feedback and insight is greatly appreciated.

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