Call for presentations

Share your institution’s successes at the conference


The CollegeSource Annual Conference continues to be a successful event year after year thanks to the commitment and dedication of our user community. The conference is a great opportunity to share your experiences, ideas, and success stories with colleagues, as well as learn about our products from our staff.

What we’re looking for…

CollegeSource is seeking presentations for our next conference about how your campus uses our products to help in the areas of student retention and recruitment, reporting, NCAA eligibility tracking, academic planning, advisor access and support, transfer evaluation/articulation processes and best practices, guided pathway framework, term conversions, graduate programs, graduation clearance, and fulfilling state policy mandates.

If you have another topic of interest or success story that you are willing to share, we welcome all proposals.

The proposal submission period for the 2024 CollegeSource Annual Conference has closed.

Activities at the CollegeSource Annual Conference
Get involved in our biggest user training event of the year where the level of networking, learning, and energy are unmatched.